Arduino - Getting Started

There are basically two things you will need to get started with Arduino. However unless you buy some additional hardware all you can do is make LED's blink. Not that much fun, however these are some of the first projects most people do to get their feet wet.

For any of the code provided on this site you will need to download the open-source Arduino environment. They provide it pre-compiled for most of the common computer platforms

Then you will need to buy a basic Arduino board, you don't need a kit just the board. However if you buy one of the kits they come with components that will be useful for learning. gives you a list of places you can purchase their boards, I prefer buying them form either or from

You will need a few additional items such as a USB cable with the proper connector for the version of the Arduino you purchase. And if you wish to power it away from the computer either a battery pack or power adapter will be needed. All accessories are easily found at

These are the only things your really need to get started, each project will have a detailed component list.