About Us

DIY Avionics is an online community dedicated to Avionics within Experimental Aviation.

The electronics hobby has once again resurfaced thanks in a large part to the cheap programmable controllers now available. If you search around the internet you will find people making things such as 3D Printers, UAV's, Augmented Reality devices, and pretty much any thing else one can imagine. The one industry that really hasn't taken notice that I believe can benefit from these programmable controllers is the world of Experimental Aircraft. We build machines in our shops that we have confidence in enough to leave the ground in but we buy very expensive electronics to tell us where we are, So let us see if we can come up with our own and if nothing else we will have a better understanding of the electronics we intrust our lives to.

Legal Notice

As an aircraft builder you, and you alone, are responsible for verifying any information you obtain from this site. We provide a place to exchange ideas. We never recommend operating an aircraft without a certified avionics suite as the primary instrumentation. All information is provided as-is with no warranty expressed or implied. If you build a project from this site, you are considered the manufacturer of the device and inherit any legal liability from the implementation or use of that device.